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The Navy's Hurricane Hunters time span was from 1945 to 1975
 with the following squadrons from first to last.

 New Hurricane Camille Photos - Posted August 2019

Navy Patrol Bomber Squadron 114 (VPB-114).

Weather Squadron Three (VPW-3).

Meteorological Squadron Three (VPM-3).

Heavy Land Based Patrol Bomber Squadron Three (VPHL-3).

Patrol Squadron Twenty-Three (VP-23).

Navy Weather Squadron Two (VJ-2).

Airborne Early Warning Squadron Four (VW-4)

To join the contact person is E.R. Eaton, President Navy Hurricane Hunters Inc.    Email to EREATON77@AOL.COM

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Changes to our By-Laws that were made at the last All-Hands Meeting.

   This is a reminder to all members that when you send in your dues this year to please include your current home address, a good home phone number or cell,  and most most importantly a good e-mail address.

Branson 2008 Photo Album

Video of Hunters dancing with the band

1970 - 1971 Year Book in .pdf  format (8meg file size)

The annual dues were raised from $15.00 to $25.00 at the Charleston Reunion. When sending in your annual dues please send in the new amount.

Charleston 2007 photos

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