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Rod Howell
Stationed at Jacksonville Florida from 1966 - 1970

This site was built because of my many good memories of VW-4, the Connies, and the many squadron members that I met and am slowly getting back in touch with again.

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Every year when the Hurricane Season starts it seems I have to look at my old photographs and facts of the Squadron and Hurricane's. I thought that I would share them with anybody who is interested .

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Do we all remember when?

How we had to push open and close the huge hanger doors .
I think the use electric one's now. How about the F.O.D. walk downs? Now I understand how important they were. And the Wednesday morning inspection's. I hated them, but I figured out how to get an old dirty pair of boondockers to shine in an instant. Try using some gloss black spray paint on them just before inspection, and hope the inspection team doesn't decide to touch them.

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Don't let this picture fool you
(I was really a Plane Captain, not a Radio Man).


Many trips to Roosevelt Rds. Puerto Rico with a few side trips to San Juan, Barbados, Trinidad, The Virgin Islands, Panama, Bermuda, The Bahamas, Martinique, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman Islands, Rota Spain, Naples Italy, Athens Greece, Azores Portugal, Halifax Nova Scotia, Curaco,  Patuxent River MD, China Lake California.


Photographs can not be used on any other website without permission!  © 1998-2006. All Photographs can be used for Home use only!
 This is the official site of the Hurricane Hunters Inc. E-mail any comments to Rod Howell about this web site